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Th forex cashback rebate is a paragraph from a foreign exchange QQ group chat transcript, I hope that like to operate the day trad goldforexcashbackg exchange friends useful ~ ~ small V13:19:28 I have to go out in the afternoon, first here to talk about my single thoughts well Xuzhou - cashback forexings look up 13:19:41 speak it small V13:19:51 I first explain I am most opposed to the act of opening the plate goldforexrebate sweeping a K-line immediately on the single V13:20:22 First of all, whether you do instant or ultra-short, you have to have your own strategy -Menstyle13:20:3500  V13:21:17 If you dont have this Something, like fighting a war without prior planning, no strategy, everything is improvised, once or twice there may be success, but a long time will be defeated V13:21:44 So I do a single, take my familiar pound U.S. for example V13:22:00 Every day, the first call out the daily line to take a look - Crowd look up 13:22:01 Well then talk Small V13:22:15 I rarely use averages to make a single, but my daily chart has averages Small V13:22:40 At this time, your bin should be no single so you can be very objective about the whole market Small V13:23:10  nbsp;For example, the day before yesterday, after the big drop, closed a small positive upper and lower shadows, cross star V13:23:55 and look at the location, just in the long-term uptrend line gained support V13:26:06 look at this, this is to the day before yesterday, the pound U.S. daily chart small V13:26:32  nbsp;then yesterday you look after, speculate about the daily K line will probably close into what looks like V13:26:44 this need technical analysis, especially candlestick chart of merit ~~ V13:27:09 I judged yesterday, will close in the positive line so on the opening of the position before the day set the strategy  ;V13:27:24 Do more on the low, let go of all the retracement -Menstyle13:27:41V13:27:56 Because the prediction of the daily K will be positive, so in order to a few points of retracement do short, the result of playing off a dozen or dozens of points of stop loss, is particularly two behavior ~ V13: 27:59 personal opinion~~ V13:29:12 that is, the first step, is to determine the strategy for the day V13:29:25 the second step, you have to know where the resistance and support is roughly Weihai-Fisherman13:29:43 V speaks out to do the deal Core Weihai-Fisherman13:29:49 What a good girl V13:29:59 Although it is low to do more, but yesterday I have said in the group, I personally think 1.6630-1.6650 will be strong resistance to the pound, so tell a friend in the group to close the position ~ V13:30 :47 So that the second step, know the position of resistance and support, in this position some caution, do not be blind Small V13:32:57 Do not be blind is two layers of meaning, first, do not blindly open a position, even if it is homeopathic, yesterdays collection in the sun, but if you yesterday in 1.6630 more, then to today as cry ~ ~  Second, do not see support and resistance immediately under the backhand single, the market is similar to the train, support and resistance is similar to the station, they just say that this train may stop here, or even then open in the opposite direction but the train may also be over the station non-stop!  V13:33:26 No matter what, dont block in front of the train and have to block it~~~ This is too much possibility of being a martyr~~ -13:33:47 The analogy is vivid V13:34:43 So, if you want to enter the field, at the station, wait for the train stop although it may stop for a while to continue to drive forward, but at least this is more successful than you intercept the car that does not stop past the station, most of the success rate V13:35:14 the first two steps are finished, the third step is to find the entry location -$ love dumb 13:35:22 I often martyr ah, tear  V13:35:37 This is mainly divided into two kinds one is homeopathic chase, one is to wait for the adjustment into the small V13:36:08 determine the direction, you for their own today the more the empty, the heart should have a number this time to take the indicator to find the entry position V13:37:01 take more than a single example, I Usually use 5 minutes to find entry, homeopathic chase, must be the bottom constantly raised, and then break out of that upward channel point small V13:38:41 yesterdays 5-minute line chart, I did more at the red arrow Beijing - blind words 13:39:16 awesome small V13:39:18 break out, the retracement does not break the original 5-minute The trend of the upper rail, then brave to do more, stop loss only need to put 20 points is enough ~ V13:39:48 If you go back to the range, hit the lower edge, you can stop loss out ~~ Beijing-Menstyle13:41:08 V your entry yesterday is very good, your exit how to set!  Beijing-Menstyle13:42:01 How do you judge the exit?  V13:42:07 ~ -Menstyle13:42:22 Is it at the first high?  Beijing-Menstyle13:42:47 out of the field is also looking at 5 minutes? V13:42:51 I probably got out near 1.6620, because at first I set up a stop gain protection later went out, close to the resistance position I judged, long attack, so I got out ~ -13:42:52 can keep a sound mind out, and then quietly wait for the next transaction opportunity to have earned a lot V13:43:20~~ -13:44:04 ,,, -13:44:20  The line Beijing-Night floating clouds 13:44:35 really look are quite tired small V13:44:44 if you want to find the breakthrough homeopathic single method, such as above if you look for retracement method, is to refer to MACD, BOLL and so on to see, in the strategy already know that the possibility of closing a positive line today, BOLL and MACD, the Plus the morphology, given the signal, you can basically find the retracement entry point Weihai-Fisherman 13:44:54 Waiting is the best hunter Small V13:45:37 The fourth point, because of what entry, because of what exit - do single always remember This sentence forex academy tips: the rest of the article needs to be logged in to continue reading Oh! 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