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A Brief History of the Exner Surname


update:2022/9/29 9:12:16


John E. Exner was an American psychologist. He was born in Syracuse, New York and earned his BS and MS degrees in psychology from Trinity University. He n went on to earn his PhD in clinical psychology from Cornell University in 1958. Exner worked in various areas of clinical psychology, including addictions, phobias, and depression.

The Exner equation describes the conservation of mass between sediments that are deposited on the bed of a river or stream and sediment that is being transported by the flow. According to the equation, the elevation of the bed increases proportional to the amount of sediment that drops out of the transport or is entrained into the flow. The Exner equation also predicts the direction of bed change, which is negative divergence of sediment flux.

The Exner surname originated from the Old English word "oxan," which means "herdsman." The first known records of the name were from Yorkshire. William Oxenerd held estates in Yorkshire in the year 1201 and Johannes Oxinhird appeared in Yorkshire Poll Tax records in 1379. By the 1600s, the Exner family had a family seat in Skipton, a town located in the Craven district of North Yorkshire.

The Exner system is widely used in research. This scoring system was developed by Dr. John E. Exner and is the most reliable system for interpreting the Rorschach test. Nevertheless, there are some problems with The Linda Faye White Forex Trader Fraud system. In some cases, it can lead to an overdiagnosis of psychotic disorders.