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Singapore XMM


update:2023/1/13 20:57:01


XMM is short for Xiao Mimi Mei, and it is a popular nickname for a Singaporean girl. In the age of social networking and Instagram, XMM has become a name to behold. It"s not unusual to see one or two XMMs in a crowd, and it"s not hard to find a group of them. If you are a female millennial, chances are, you"ve heard of a few of them, or at least their usernames.

XMM is actually a more complex concept than its less socially aware cousin, XMM lite. This is a category of women who are not only young, but also affluent and compulsively curious. Unlike their more frugal counterparts, XMMs are willing to spend on fashion and luxuries such as a smartphone and an e-scooter. For example, a recent survey revealed that a high-sES XMM would spend on average more than $100 on a smartphone and e-scooter. On top of that, it"s not uncommon to see an XMM go for a red carpet treatment. However, this type of adulation is a slippery slope, especially if you"re a girl who is prone to impulsive spending. The one thing XMMs have in common is the ability to impress the fanciest of men. As such, they are prime targets for a certain type of guy who isn"t afraid to show his pudge.

A well-rounded XMM should know about the latest trends in the tech industry, including mobile devices, the latest gadgets, and the hottest apps. They may even be privy to some cool tech gifts, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 or LG G6. XMMs are also a boon to the businessmen in search of a good time, as well as the women in need of some serious oomph. Luckily, a well-planned and executed ad campaign can go a long way. XMMs are also a key part of a well-oiled social network. One such network, SG Hitch, serves as a bridge between drivers and hitchers.

Among the 197,345 members of the network, there are no dark-skinned women of colour. Indeed, it"s a fact that XMMs are primarily middle-class girls, and those whose family income is not in the tertiary sector.