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XM Videos on Your Sirius XM Radio


update:2023/1/28 5:16:04


The latest edition to the SiriusXM family, the XM Star, is going all out with video. Whether you"re cruising down the highway or recharging the batteries, XM"s onboard video service has you covered. Aside from the traditional radio channels and streaming music services, you can now enjoy videos of your favorite bands and comedians, as well as the occasional vlog, all with the click of a button. This is all thanks to the XM aficionado"s slick new user interface. With a single click, you"ll be able to access your favorite tracks, watch your favorite shows and movies on demand, and even listen to on-demand news and sports.

Notably, Sirius XM isn"t the first to offer video services to the masses, but it"s the first to get on the video bandwagon. So, you"ll have access to the music you love, as well as the latest hits from the hottest pop stars.